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Above ground pools – useful equipment

Above ground pools are becoming more and more popular. Their installation is much easier than in ground pools because you don’t need to do any excavation work in your yard. You aren’t limited by any cables that may be laying underground and you don’t need to pay for costly construction work. This makes above ground pools a much cheaper choice.

Once you have installed an above ground pool, the only equipment you need to purchase is a water filter. The filter will keep the water in your pool clean and free of any contamination. With that, you can start splashing in your brand new pool.

However, since you’ve saved a lot of money by choosing to go with an above ground pool, how about customizing your pool a little more? There are several products that will make the experience of owning an above ground pool so much more enjoyable. Even if you choose to buy all of it, it would still cost you less than if you had installed an in ground pool.


The first thing most new pool owners purchase is a pool heater. It is simply indispensable because it extends the duration of the swimming season. Depending on your climate, you can start swimming in the pool in the early spring and retire the pool late into fall. The water can be kept warm at will, even in the middle of the night which is perfect for evening pool parties. An above ground pool heater is permanently installed next to your pool and uses gas to run. Some newer models can even be powered by solar panels. The heater will easily raise the water temperature by even 30 degrees.

Solar covers

Solar covers are another piece of equipment that makes your life so much easier. You put them on top of the pool when it’s not in use. This keeps the water warm because the heat is trapped inside. Solar covers also stop physical contamination – things like leaves cannot get inside the pool. This simple product keeps your energy costs down due to increased heat retention, minimizes water loss, and decreases the need for cleaning the water.

Pool lights

Adding some gentle lights to your pool will make it the center of attention at any party. You have many options when it comes to pool lights. You can place any outdoor lights around your deck but make sure they are waterproof in case water overflows from your pool. The safest choice would be to search specifically for pool lights. Another fun idea is to install LED strip lights around the inside edge of your pool. You can go with a standard white light or something more exciting like red or purple. There are many models to choose from and some of them can change colors according to your current mood.

Above ground pools are not only much cheaper than in ground pools but they are also much more customizable. If you need to, you can dismantle and reconfigure it should such need arise. If you want to have full freedom over how your yard looks like, then an above ground pool is the only option for you.