Great vibes in this cozy Arlington restaurant/cafe. The service is always good, and their breakfast food was better than I expected. I've only ever been there for breakfast, so I can't speak to their lunch and dinner options but I understand they have live music some evenings, which is probably fun. It's a go to spot for lazy Sundays ... read more
Xyan Rose via - Jun 17, 2018
Great coffee ... read more
Jeff McLean via - Jun 16, 2018
Loved the local art on the walls. Neighborly place.
Linda Voss via - Jun 15, 2018
My Moms favorite place for breakfast out ... read more
Frank Bennett via - Jun 7, 2018
This place is great! With the exception ...
This place is great! With the exception of long lines and occasional Long service time, I have nothing to complain. Food is great! Chorizo quesadilla is my favorite. Today I got the kiwi burger and i think it is too huge! How does a Little county like New Zealand make burgers to feed Spartans! When I started eating it, I was surprise ... read more
Steven C. via - May 19, 2018
Excellent Portabella 'burger' ... read more
Peter Tomasi-Carr via - May 15, 2018
Nice atmosphere, great artwork ...
Nice atmosphere, great artwork on the walls, and they make a mean chorizo quesadilla (although there could be more of it).
Steven B. via - May 6, 2018
Fantastic service, amazing food, friendly atmosphere and a very nice interior with friendly people ... read more
Ian Newton via - Apr 30, 2018
Very good brunch
Stopped by after church for brunch at 1030. All tables full so sat at counter and enjoyed watching two outstanding cooks create the meals. Drink orders taken immediately. Sometime later someone took our meal order - a bit slow. Eggs Benedict on smoked salmon cooked...More ... read more
Wes G via - Apr 29, 2018
This is our go to restaurant for ...
This is our go to restaurant for breakfast. The staff is great and the food is fantastic. The parking is great out front and in the back. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone! Please go try it out!
Dave H. via - Apr 12, 2018
We have been here twice now, both time have been very good! You can tell that they enjoy their food and the chefs are passionate about what they make. We like their curry pie, peppercorn sauce steak, and lamb chops with mint jelly. They had peanut kimchi Brussels sprouts which is not a combination I'd expect but it was really good!
Erik via - Apr 12, 2018
Particularly good coffee
Cassatt's is a perennial local favorite for breakfast and brunch. I find their coffee drinks to be particularly good.
MelissaPeery via - Mar 25, 2018
Try the NZ meat pies. They taste delicious.
Jack P. via - Mar 25, 2018
Great food and service. Yum! Butter chicken is delicious as was the pork chop.
Great food and service. Yum! Butter chicken is delicious as was the pork chop.
Jeff Miller via - Mar 25, 2018
We both ordered the special which ...
We both ordered the special which was pork tenderloin with peppercorn sauce and brussels medley and the buttered chicken. Both meals were devine, the meat was cooked perfectly, and the sauces were amazing. We pretty much cleaned our plates it was that good. The portions were just the right amount. The ambience of the place was excell ... read more
Nick D. via - Mar 24, 2018
Terrific food and great service! ...
Terrific food and great service! A great place for breakfast, especially on Sundays if you'd like to avoid the weekend crowds in Clarendon and Ballston.
Catherine L. via - Mar 22, 2018
Went here on a rainy weekend morning ...
Went here on a rainy weekend morning for brunch with my girlfriend and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. There was easy parking in the front and back of the restaurant.Upon entering we were greeted by the hostess, who told us to wait before our table was ready. We came around 10 am and the place was relatively packed. However, we only wai ... read more
Alexander G. via - Feb 20, 2018
Great food and great service. The back of the house makes amazing food and the front of the house remembers their customers, makes great recommendations and provides great service.
Benjamin Cohen via - Feb 20, 2018
This is advertised as New Zealand ...
This is advertised as New Zealand Gourmet bistro and I would agree with all those words of advertisement.  I would just add that it feels more like an European bistro.  The New Zealand "flat white" coffee (A flat white is an espresso-based coffee drink. It is prepared by pouring steamed milk with small, fine bubbles with a glossy or ... read more
Igor B. via - Feb 16, 2018
Cassatt’s, a casually elegant bistro where staff make you feel at home as you are treated to excellent food. We arrived at about 5:45 on a Saturday night and found ample open seating but by 630 the limited tables were filled and a quartet began with quiet beautiful music. We loved the pear salad, lamb tartare, along with meat loaf an ... read more
Nick Webster via - Feb 10, 2018
Getting better, bigger menu
I visit with friends for breakfast about once a month. Veggie omelets are always good, with the flat white, but lately have been having the lox and bagel. They are good about making it special per request. Very reliable and gradually expanding the menu. Only...More ... read more
mindcandy4us via - Feb 9, 2018
Meats are exquisite, especially lamb that usually isn't easy to get right. and service was great. Bit on the pricey side.
Nizar Farsakh via - Feb 8, 2018
Gotta try the meat pies next time
This drew me in as a New Zealand restaurant. Got a Groupon and went with friends with all different tastes. They were changing the menu so they were out of several choices. The food we did get was very good. We were offered a new...More ... read more
97ozhappy via - Feb 5, 2018
Great food great service ... read more
Sani Elfishawy via - Jan 17, 2018
Every time I come here I'm amazed ...
Every time I come here I'm amazed at the prices and quality of food. There's a Metro 29 Diner nearby, and I happened to eat there yesterday....what a idea why anyone would go there instead of Cassatts.  My favorite breakfast item is the Cassatts Quesadilla, which has eggs and mushrooms.
John F. via - Jan 1, 2018
Cassatt's Cafe is a cute, quaint ...
Cassatt's Cafe is a cute, quaint, mom & pop owned restaurant. I went there for brunch today with a friend. If you're a breakfast/brunch person like I am then I highly suggest getting anything with that has their breakfast potatoes. Their breakfast potatoes are amazing. The staff was also really friendly and attentive.
Evelyn M. via - Dec 23, 2017
I love this little place. I can ...
I love this little place. I can only speak for the lamb chops which were so tender and good! I have never had better lamb chops besides the ones my mom makes (Indian style). The place is really cozy. If you ever want to take a girl on a date this might just be a good place. It's like going to a fancy place and getting the same vibe. ... read more
Salma B. via - Dec 12, 2017
Nice atmosphere and good food. Very nice little restaurant to sit and chat.
S C via - Dec 4, 2017
Great place to dine!
Rob Rickert via - Nov 30, 2017
Incredibly polite - courteous & ...
Incredibly polite - courteous & very friendly  staff! Good cappuccino & good chili. Free parking in this hard to park (crowded) area of town.
Robert P. via - Nov 24, 2017
The seafood of the day "Salmon" ...
The seafood of the day "Salmon" was to live for!There food is very flavorfulAlso the Nasi goreng was also delightful ... read more
Javier P. via - Nov 11, 2017
A small cozy place with tasty food and friendly service.
Susan Scotti via - Nov 8, 2017
Adorable and good food
Great light lunch menu. New Zealand menu. Lots of sandwiches, omlets, soups, salads. Not typical burgers etc. Wonderful desserts. When I said no bread with omelet they offered extra fruit salad. Bubble and Squeak instead of home fries. Bright decor with walls covered with local...More ... read more
Eileen B via - Oct 27, 2017
Dinner was good and so was the service
We purchased a Groupon when we saw this was just a few blocks from our hotel. The restaurant is small but we were seated immediately. I ordered the Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) with sautéed shrimp and chicken. It was very good. The sauce was...More ... read more
Miss_Ivy_92 via - Oct 22, 2017
The food took while to come, but was very crowded. The gazpacho was diluted. Not as thick or spicy as other restraints gazpacho or tomato soup. The food was great, super tasty. The correlation between the price and quantity was a but disappointing, the portions of beef and salmon were small. The waiter was great and was flexible to o ... read more
Alexander Reed via - Oct 13, 2017
Very good food; super staff; lovely friendly neighborhood vibe.
Harold Salters via - Oct 11, 2017
Lovely neighborhood place for breakfast or lunch
I had the opportunity to have breakfast and lunch here on a recent visit to northern Virginia because my hosts lived about a mile away. So I walked here once for breakfast, once for lunch. Both were very pleasant. I found the breakfast menu rather...More ... read more
Sprout15 via - Oct 6, 2017
Zomething New Zealand & Different
Quaint, common atmosphere... but the menu is uncommon and the food is uncommonly GOOD! If you are tired of getting the same old "American Fare" food at so many restaurants - go to Cassatts for a change of pace and enjoy the delicious and refreshing...More ... read more
Tommy C via - Oct 2, 2017
Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner
This is a small, lowkey restaurant in a strip mall along Lee Highway. It is most popular for lunch, but any item you order is individually cooked to order with quality ingredients. Their specialties are Australian- influenced. IMO, all fish dishes are expertly prepared. They...More ... read more
cdmarg via - Oct 2, 2017
I have eaten at this place a few ...
I have eaten at this place a few times.  They have a nice selection: everyone can find something they enjoy here.  The prices are reasonable.  Great artwork on the walls and sometimes live music.  On the downside, the place is a bit small and you may end up waiting for a table (or sitting in a small table, crammed next to a live band ... read more
Richard M. via - Sep 30, 2017
Excellent food and service!
Patricia Velasquez via - Sep 30, 2017
I've been coming here since they opened. Food is always very good. Staff is friendly. Nice to see local young people working here which says a lot for a manager who cares about the community. Place is usually busy. Menu does not change often enough for me, but I still love it. Best Flat White anywhere. Kiwi Pies are awesome too.
Art Hoffman via - Sep 25, 2017
Excellent good.
Catherine Reising-Jones via - Sep 25, 2017
Love this place! It's my go to ...
Love this place! It's my go to for a night out in the neighborhood. Salmon burgers with bubble and squeak are a must try.
Frances D. via - Sep 19, 2017
Outstanding local joint! Awesome ...
Outstanding local joint! Awesome brunch with a really nice variety and combo of drinks and eats. A few tables out front and another patio out back. Location is awesome with a wine and cheese shop nearby, kids stores, and more. The food is excellent. Service is great, very friendly and attentive. Even the music is cool. Bakery goods a ... read more
Jeff P. via - Sep 16, 2017
Best flat white in town ... read more
Manuela Costescu via - Sep 9, 2017
Great on the run too
Normally I'll allocate sufficient time to enjoy Cassatt's lovely range of delicious food, calm easy atmosphere, and great local art. But tonight I was late for class and wondered if they would heat one of their amazing savory pies (steak & cheese) to go for...More ... read more
Tim E via - Sep 6, 2017
Good meal and good service
Cassats has a great brunch and daily breakfast. They also have a good dinner. We had the meatloaf, penne, and the Thursday lamb special. The lamb was good. The meatloaf was good as well. The penne was ok but not great. I suggest a visit.
Sara_sakflva via - Aug 31, 2017
Our favorite cafe for years! The food is excellent and the service the best.
Our favorite cafe for years! The food is excellent and the service the best.
Augusto AndDaisy Portuondo via - Aug 29, 2017
Our consistent place for breakfast ...
Our consistent place for breakfast weekly! It's very close to our house. The staff is great and the service is awesome!
Janet H. via - Aug 1, 2017
Great food and attentive staff. Would go back again and again.
Great food and attentive staff. Would go back again and again.
Jatanee Reyes via - Jul 29, 2017
Best Flat White Coffee I've had since moving to the States! My family and I had a great Dinner; the
Best Flat White Coffee I've had since moving to the States! My family and I had a great Dinner; the pies and pavlova were just like back home. Awesome service too! We will be back for sure!
Burny Whyte via - Jul 25, 2017
Attentive staff neighborhood environment great value ... read more
stephanie THE Massage Therapist via - Jul 24, 2017
Food and coffee is always spectacular ...
Food and coffee is always spectacular. Rotating menu, but my favorite chorizo quesadilla is usually there!
Kaitlyn R. via - Jul 23, 2017
A nice little restaurant with a delightful varied menu including Indonesian and New Zealand cuisine. Has wine and beer available. There is a parking lot in the rear and on street parking in the front both free. Has live entertainment on weekends. Restaurant has front and rear outside seating.
Georg VanderGoot via - Jul 20, 2017
Great local brunch cafe
I've always enjoyed dinner at Cassatt's, but brunch was a pleasant experience. My family enjoyed the frittata, quesadilla, eggs Benedict, and smoked salmon omelette. Coffee was plentiful. Fresh fruit side was delicious. Service was great. The cafe has limited seating both indoors and outdoors, but...More ... read more
webbuzzard via - Jul 15, 2017
Ate dinner out in their delightful back porch last night. Loved the spicy calamari, chicken satay,
Ate dinner out in their delightful back porch last night. Loved the spicy calamari, chicken satay, fish special (grilled sea bass) and a flavorful shrimp rice dish. Our server, Beverly, was professional, timely, and friendly. I wouldn't change a thing. And I LOVE how they have table water (a bottle left of the table- something I see ... read more
Susie M Barolo via - Jul 12, 2017
This is a neighborhood gem that ...
This is a neighborhood gem that punches way above its weight. The food here is unbelievably good but after you meet the chefs you know why. I am from South East Asia and the chicken satay and nasi goreng are as good as you can get in SE Asia. Plus, these guys pay special attention to their salads.
Ananda R. via - Jul 1, 2017
Good food. Great music. ... read more
Amy Falls Church via - Jul 1, 2017
Its a wonderful place to eat as well as to dine for breakfast and dinner.
Lionel Scott via - Jun 29, 2017
Good food. Great music. ... read more
Amy Graham-Fang via - Jun 28, 2017
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